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Once you are ready to book a date - get ready to have some fun! We are going to have a good time and my goal is to capture your family being themselves. The best photographs happen with a lot of play and just being who you are.

The session fee will be due at the time of scheduling. This will allow us to hold the day and time of your shoot. If you need to re-schedule, you may do so once without charge, but after that, a rescheduling fee of $25.00 will apply.

The session itself will last 1-2 hours at your home or the place of your choosing. If you need suggestions about a location, I would be happy to help. I use only natural light and the best time to shoot is early morning shortly after sunrise or late afternoon around sunset. This lighting is the most flattering and eliminates harsh shadows. I do not do much posing and let the moments unfold with you just being yourselves - fun and fabulous. I feel the best photographs are the ones of you being relaxed and interacting as a family. Not the stiff "Say cheese" photos of old. I will have some ideas and suggestions, but I welcome creative ideas from you too. The images I strive for are the ones that I would love of my own family.

As for clothing, leave the white shirts and khakis at home! Bright colors and jeans work well as well as colors that compliment each other without being too "matchy matchy." Bring along several outfits and some fun hats or props if you wish. I say bring it all along! Wearing what makes you feel comfortable is important. Trying to dress up for photos can sometimes make them seem forced and can add stress to the event. We can discuss this closer to the date.

I can't wait to have some fun with you!